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Posted by on September 9, 2015 - 1:25 pm


  • I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m out of the “soothsayer” racket and am not someone to look upon for financial markets timing advice. All you have to do is realize how the guy who invented “Preparation G” must have felt to know about miss-timing anything.

Having said that, I shall continue to provide my observations. In regards to the U.S. stock market,               the deeply oversold rally is running its course. I suspect once that’s concluded, the market shall work its way lower. The only real hope for any sustain move back up was put into perspective in this article.

  • I maintain my very bearish stance taken earlier this year against high-yield (junk) bonds. I believe my timing there shall win the “Blind Squirrel Award” for accuracy.
  • The Entitlement Crisis no one wants to speak about or address, is getting worse as each day goes by. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But we got Congress so why be concern –lol
  • Isn’t it great that Obama has already secured enough votes for an agreement with a party who predicts the disappearance of our #1 allied and death to us? Obama brought change alright!
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