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  • I’ve spoken about a coming auto loan crisis. David Stockman weighs in on it.
  • When I started back on Wall Street in 1984 (Wow, I’m ancient), GM was a “Bellweather” stock. Then IBM. There’s little doubt Apple is currently. This chart of Apple isn’t going to make Apple shareholders warm and fuzzy. For those who watch the stock market day-by-day or even hour-by-hour, Apple’s earnings release after the close today bares close watching.
  • $30 Trillion – Peanuts….NOT!
  • I once again was politically “incorrect”, when I said the following in my year-ending writing, “2016 – Time To Pay The Piper”:


“Among the hot-topic buttons that will only grow hotter in 2016 is the Muslim/Islam factor.

Back in 2009, I published this commentary. Because at the time my Grandich Newsletter was read worldwide, I received some harsh criticism from mostly outside the U.S. from Muslims and those who support Islam. I was accused of many things then that ironically the left, liberal crowd here and abroad is now calling those who are speaking out.

My writings back then were not politically motivated but merely uncovering a factor I thought was being neglected by the “Happy”crowd and would eventually become front and center to all. I think that “front and center” time has arrived!

Staying politically, incorrect, if you don’t think the Muslim/Islam factor is worthy of consideration for economic, social and political discussions, read this. Like it or not, it must be part of the discussion.



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