Grandich Tidbits

Posted by on May 10, 2016 - 9:41 am


  • Entitlements are the third rail for American politics so I don’t expect any meaningful action until its truly in crisis for everyone to plainly see (and by then the war between classes shall be well underway). But that doesn’t mean we don’t account for this “sure thing” in our planning.
  • Sorry Donald, but the wonder years are over.
  • I have spoken often on the “shell game” being played with monthly employment figures. So many people keep stating the reality of employment in their neck of the woods doesn’t come close to what the Obama administration wants us to believe. Here’s one of the reasons it doesn’t.
  • For 95%-99% of investors, “active” money management is a lost cause. However, for a very select few, it can be rewarding. One of the very few “shrew” investors who has proven to be the “exception” to the rule, is now the most short he’s ever been. I would pay heed to this fact.
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