Grandich Tidbits

Nevsun Resources – A new CEO and hints of better days ahead, has brought some stability to the share price. We’ll get a much better view in a few weeks when the company holds 2nd quarter results conference call. I’ve suggested to some friends if I was the new CEO, I take all the hits I could in the 2nd quarter, so his first full quarter on his own (3rd quarter,) has all the traction possible. I still struggle with a “poor-performing” (IMHO) Chief Development Officer (who owns less than 10,000 shares based on last known filing) still working at NSU, but at least the old CEO is gone; and with that, much of the dividend fiasco hopefully gone with him.

Teranga Gold – The CEO had issued an optimistic outlook in a short, but sweet shareholder letter a few weeks ago. Teranga management is to be near my office in early August, speaking at a major institutional mining conference. The plan is they will stop in to see me afterward. Stay tuned.