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Posted by on April 28, 2015 - 8:23 am


  • The one money manager I would give my own money to, Michael Pento, has agreed with me and some others that the “supposed” FED interest rate hikes would be short in duration – if at all. We argued QE was here to stay for a long time and was quickly becoming “addictive” worldwide. Proof is the picture below. It’s the new living room model for Central Bankers worldwide.


  • I could not have said it better myself about all the hoopla over new market highs.
  • I continue to be alarmed on how many people I see with either no will, or a poorly written one. It’s tough enough to secure a proper retirement; to have those you hoped would continue your legacy unable to in a way you would surely have wanted them to, is truly a waste of a lifetime of hard work.
  • With little or no fanfare, several precious and base metals have clearly bottomed and are in the early stages of new bull markets (zinc, copper, gold and silver among them). To the one or two remaining gold bulls left out there, gold needs to get a couple closes above $1,225 to really get going on the upside.
  • What ever happened to “if it walks like a duck….”
  • This mother did what many of our own parents would have done and should be highly commended for doing so – despite all the chaos around her. But given today’s world, I suspect she would be brought up on child abuse charges and Rev. Al and Jesse would be marching outside her home.
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