Grandich To Announce Friday Is It Blue or Green For Sunday


With expectations of numerous media and fans in attendance, the “former” Wall Street Whiz Kid Peter Grandich shall unveil to the world who he will be rooting for in the showdown game Sunday between the NY Jets and NY Giants.

From 1969 to the early part of this millennium, Peter Grandich was known as a die-hard Jets fan. But once he started working with players from the NY Giants, his allegiance seemingly changed and was often seen in Big Blue colors and events.

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Often asked who he roots for these days, Grandich responds the same each time -“I’m a Joe Klecko fan first, then the Jets and Giants battle for second and third spot.” But knowing both play each this Sunday and he will be at the game, the world has demanded he show his true colors. Grandich has simply said “my colors will be clear come Friday before the game.”

We shall be there with the crowds when he unveils his true colors and report back here.