Grandich To Host Financial Seminar

Many people have made yet another New Year’s Resolution to improve their handling of their personal finances. But in the end, what will be different than their efforts in 2016?

On Saturday, January 21st, I will be hosting a financial seminar that will change lives for the better!

Accordingly, this special invitation is offered to you and a guest that you would like to accompany you to this seminar.

While I will discuss financial markets and matters of finance, here’s what you will come away with that will truly make attending this event worth your while. We will show you:

  • How we can deliver unique, and verifiable, strategies to increase your wealth over and above your current investment velocity pace;
  • How to employ our strategies without taking-on additional risk and, depending upon your individual financial situation, we can generally minimize or lower your current risk exposure(s);
  • That by employing our strategies, we can achieve better results and actually improve your lifestyle, rather than sacrificing your lifestyle.

My background

My special guest speaker is my personal financial mentor, who has earned my trust and my personal and professional respect for his honesty and depth of knowledge regarding the financial world.

This breakfast seminar will be held in Wall, NJ, and is scheduled to end by noon.

This seminar is an information-only event where there is nothing to buy and you will not be contacted after the seminar ends. You may simply attend and leave.

Due to the limitation of space, it is important that you respond as soon as you can fit us into your schedule to attend our event and just let us know how many people will attend.

Peter Grandich