How Does Obama End Up in Same Conversation as Spring Lake NJ?


They say death and taxes are the only two certainties. Well in the Grandich household, there are two additional undisputable facts:

  • Spring Lake NJ is our favorite town
  • Obama is the worst President ever (this will cause some not to read any further)

So what do these two “Grandich” facts have in common?

Since 1984, my wife Mary and I have literally been to Spring Lake NJ a 1,000+ times. While the dream to reside there has passed, I very much am still optimistic I shall end up having an office there before I die.

This desire to have a business presence has led me to meet some very nice people from town, one of which I had lunch with yesterday. The gentleman’s family business was started 99 years ago (which simple math tells us they will be celebrating their 100th year in 2016).

While our discussion covered our families, our livelihoods and other interesting points, it was when we dove into the how business owners formed an improvement district group several years ago and what it took to get Spring Lake to where it is today, did we hit upon a common nerve I have seen and felt with small, to mid-size businesses owners across the United States – never has it been more difficult to run a business in America and this President is only making it worse.

It’s been a Grandich conclusion that this one very short video says more about where America is today at the hands of Obama; and the conclusion of the speaker is both correct IMHO and a very sad commentary where we stand as a nation.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”
                                                          Thomas Jefferson