I Finally Get It

While it took most of my life to realize it, thanks be to God I finally got it.

Like many others, I didn’t like Sinead O’ Conner. In fact, I didn’t wish her well for some of her actions in the past.

Today, while on Facebook, I came across this article on her. And instead of being among the vast majority of comments posted, I found compassion in my heart for her plight. I did so not because I’m some noble or great man, but I do all I can now to remember this biblical scene before I pass judgment on others.

It’s certainly not easy and in many eyes, I will look silly (or worse). But in the eyes of who I will stand naked and alone before too long, is all that’s really going to matter in the end.

Have a most blessed day!

P.S. Another reason why I have such a love/hate relationship with my best friend, Bill Wegner.