I Totally Disregarded the Advice

When I first became a stockbroker back in April 1984, my first boss said to me if I wanted to be successful as a stockbroker, never discuss three things with people:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Other men’s wives

I always felt the third one was in jest. Anyone who knows me will tell you I disregarded the first two almost from day one (and by doing so, certainly cost me income but I’ve no regrets).

In a once great country that is on the threshold of an economic, social and political crisis never before seen in its history, one blue line has been for the most part, the glue that kept our society together – the police.

Like all of us, they’re far from perfect. Like many large families, there’s an occasional bad apple. But by-in-large, their work has been good enough to protect the fabric our “Founding Fathers” had sewn into what once made this country great.

But like on many different fronts, that fabric is being torn apart. This journalist couldn’t have said it better in regards to what I describe as the “Three Stooges” of politics. Sadly, there are far more than three and they sit on both sides of the aisle.