I’m All In!

Posted by on April 25, 2017 - 11:47 am

  • For several weeks now, I noted I’ve been waiting for certain fundamental and technical factors to come together for me to personally commit to a maximum short U.S. equity position through the ETF (SH). I just did so at $34.11. I’m being interviewed on Jay Taylor’s “Voice of America” radio show later today and hope to have an opportunity to discuss why.
  • Late last week, with gold looking like it was heading over $1,300, I suggested it appeared likely to  first correct lower to previous resistance in the $1,260 – $1,265 area. We’re seeing that as I type. Here too, I hope to discuss more in detail on Jay’s show (we usually can post a replay of his show within 24-48 hours and will do so).
  • The insanity of Central Bank “propping up” markets, reaches new heights. Only makes the inevitable payback more of a “bitch”.
  • Where’s there’s smoke…
  • Is $1400 gold the new $1300?
  • Women Face an Even Less Secure Retirement Picture
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