Interviews Revisted


In my first three decades (1984-2014) in and around the financial arena, I did well over 1,000 TV, radio and print media interviews. In the last three years, I pretty much “disengaged” from media exposure.

However, there were some worthy interviews of mine to take the time to listen to:

  • The most satisfying one has to be with the man who coin me “The Wall Street Whiz Kid”. Steve Crowley, the former Business Editor of ABC’s “Good Morning America”, had me on his national radio show this past January, and I was most grateful to thank him 28 years later for me “milking” the “Whiz Kid” all that time. Please listen here.
  • I’m most grateful for Gary Gellman and his TV show “This Is Jersey”, for featuring me on two of his shows this year. You can watch them here and here.
  • Three years ago, I walked away from a nearly 20-year career in the metals and mining industry, which more times than not, I’m glad I did. But I do miss certain events and people; and one of the best times for me was speaking and visiting Vancouver – a place I once called home away from home. This was one of many interviews I did (because of how many years I tortured my friends there about the Vancouver Canucks). Please watch here.

While I’m most grateful for these interviews, words alone can’t fully describe my gratitude to Drew Mariani and Relevant Radio for having me regularly on their “Godly” radio network for several years now. The rewards from this have been a sense of worthiness I never found doing secular media. Praise God and long live Relevant Radio, Drew and his staff and their listeners!