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Posted by on September 23, 2017 - 9:05 am

Many friends who know me well would answer “Joe Klecko and Nick Fotiu” when asked “who is Peter Grandich’s two favorite sports heroes? They would be correct but not if the question was “who is his two favorite heroes, period? Then, the answer would be: “John Feal” and Chris J. Nolze“.

On October 25th, I will be truly honored to stand in support and gratefulness for Chris, as he’s recognized for just one of the many worthy causes that he devotes 100% of his heart and soul to. Yes, there are others who do this also but many of them have not had to face such personal challenges to overcome just to live another day (let alone do so much for so many others).

I can write many paragraphs to describe what Chris has had to endure. But, he would be the first person asking that I instead focus on the fundraising at hand. Not once since the first day that I met him as he ever uttered even one word about his own “challenges”.

The first time I had met Chris and his mom (read here) he was gracious (especially since he’s a big-time Steelers fan). I didn’t think I could fall in love again, but this young man would be “the son I never had” in a heartbeat!

One of the worthy causes that Chris supports is honoring him on October 25th:

(Just highlight with your mouse to read)

I welcome you to join me in saluting my “Superman” and if you can’t, please consider a donation to the food pantry in honor of Chris.

(Top left to right – Chris with David Tyree, Donald Brown, Ken Daneyko, Erik Coleman, and my favorite photo – Chris and John Feal, my two, all-time-biggest heroes bar-none!).

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