Matters of Finance Tidbits

Posted by on March 18, 2015 - 4:17 pm



  • Say good-bye to employer provided health insurance. It’s not if, but when and IMHO shall be faster than most think.
  • While the “student loan” situation in America is but one of many financial crisis most in America are either unprepared for and/or unconcerned with, there are 5 little-known ways to get them forgiven.
  • There are many times more than just two troubling trends in retirement planning, but this article does highlight two worthy of mention.
  • I legally keep the bulk of my assets “offshore” and file complete disclosures required by law. The ever-increasing “litigious” country and state I live in, demands I protect my hard-earned assets in every legal and ethical way possible. You should too!
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