My Christmas Present To All

Posted by on December 25, 2015 - 1:54 pm

Many of us have our favorite movie to watch at Christmas. Mine is not likely that of most others; But there are special unique reasons for that, including:

  • I actually grew up with two of the actors in the movie
  • My father was a fair bit like the father featured in the movie
  • The movie depicts an era and lifestyle I grew up in

The movie is “29th Street”, starring Danny Aiello, with his oldest son Ricky, playing a feature role.

I grew up with the Aiello’s and was blessed to have both at a 30th anniversary dinner of mine back in 2011 that you can see Danny sing here

Ask most Danny Aiello fans what’s his favorite movie he was in and they almost all answer “Moonstruck”. It turns out 29th Street is (but not Ricky’s).

A little trivia on the movie 29th Street – Other than the opening scene, all of it was shot in North Carolina.

You can watch the entire movie on Youtube as it was posted my someone with some opening credits I could’ve posted like he does.

Please watch here

Have a most blessed Christmas Day!

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