My St. Patrick’s Day Gift to Myself

Posted by on February 17, 2016 - 10:17 am

The following is happening for two main reasons:

  • I fell in love with all things Irish 36 years ago when I fell head over heels over a young Irish Lass, born and raised outside of Birr, County Offaly, Ireland.
  • My one experience with a professional boxer has been nothing short of sensational. “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney has been an honor and a privilege to call a friend. He volunteered to serve on my company board just a few hours after meeting me. He’s truly loved by fans and fellow boxers alike.

ary Troy marrying PG in Birr, Ireland  and PG with Gerry Cooney (I can take Gerry…to a movie-lol)

We’re very excited to have expanded our relationship with the ‘Sky Blue” women’s professional soccer team. To appreciate God’s hand in this, we would begin to work with two gentlemen on their management team. Unknown to me at the time, both have deep roots in Spring Lake, NJ (where our new office is located).

Herm Sorcher dad owns the only shoe store in town. Christy Holly, has been entrenched in the sports community for a couple decades and was recently appointed the Coach of Sky Blue. In my initial discussion with Christy, I would discover not only his connection to Spring Lake, but to a former boxer who I had great admiration for, but never was blessed to meet – John Duddy.

While John Duddy has already been associated with a few movies himself, one should be made about his life too. You didn’t have to be Irish to get your Irish up for a John Duddy fight. And while it was very easy to become a fan of a man who fought hard; the fact he also had charm and an air about him that you rarely see in the fight game was the clincher.

Like life itself, a developing dream story took a detour and life went on despite a bubble being busted.

However, when I learned Christy and John are close, I asked my good friends at the Irish Centre in Spring Lake would they be kind enough to host a “meet n greet” with John. To be 100% candid, it was a present to myself, in order to meet and get to know a man (and perhaps play a small role on the new road he has taken since the roadblock arose a few years back). Besides, Gerry Cooney had nothing but good things to say about John and that is good enough in my book.


Meet John Duddy:

Date: Saturday March 5th

Time: 2PM to 4PM

Place: The Irish Centre, 1120 Third Ave, Spring lake NJ 07762 Tel# 732-449-6650

The first 100 attendees shall receive a free autograph picture of John

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