Oh Canada!


In my just released Third Edition of my book, I noted in chapter 15:

“…I needed to once-and-for-all end my ties to Canada and the mining industry.  The Land of the Loonie would need to return to a place from whence comes refreshing chilled air masses to cool hot summer days; not a place where any of my day-to-day business life was focused.”…

While no longer spending any real time focused on matters “North of the Border” (one of the two remaining Canadian equity holdings I still have, has just made news that the nightmare any long-term shareholder like me has endured may finally be put to an unmerciful death. If a book could ever be written how not to run a junior mining company, this was the company), Canada remains a very important part of any U.S and world macroeconomic view.

That view has turned decidedly bearish.

It’s amazing how many people still don’t name Canada when asked whose America’s biggest trading partner? They usually answer Japan or China.

So while those of us in the Northeast will watch for “Alberta Clippers” this winter, the entire U.S. may want to watch the economic winds blowing from our good neighbors to the North.