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Posted by on October 23, 2017 - 1:25 pm

I’ve been called the “Anti-Christ” of Philly sports teams (and especially their fans). Even the #1 blessing in my life, my daughter Tara, couldn’t get me to not root against them this year despite an honest effort to try after she was chosen the “Philadelphia Rose of Tralee” (earlier this year).

But Almighty God has once again “nudged” me to give it another try after watching this story about a young boy and Eagles QB, Carson Wentz.

Yes, it’s a compelling story that personally hits close to home, because it relates to a similar story that I had helped to put into motion several years ago

I had been on the board of the “Ashley Lauren Foundation” and doing regular Bible study and chapel with the NY Giants, when I learned of a young man named Evan Sullivano. He was battling cancer and I was told he was a big-time Justin Tuck fan.

I was too! In fact, I would stop in front of Justin’s locker more than once after bible study and have my picture taken.

Thanks to NY Giants and Yankees Chaplin, George McGovern, Justin, George and I would travel to Evan’s home to surprise Evan for a one-time visit.

This photo was taken in Evan’s home. We thought it would be just this visit but it would become so much more. Evan and Justin became instant great friends.

Evan’s health started to really deteriorate so thanks to a good friend of mine, Joe Spano, we took Evan up to the Giants facility. He attended Bible study with us, met many players and toured the facility (this is the limo returning us with Evan after the visit). Soon after, Justin arranged for Evan to come to a game under specialized medical transportation.

It was the most heart-warming pre-game sidelines visit I ever was truly honored to witness.

The rest of the story is included in this ESPN story.

Okay, here goes nothing (listen here).

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