Peter Grandich Open Letter To The World

Posted by on September 19, 2017 - 8:39 am

Today will just be another day to most, but to me, it will be the first day of the rest of my life!

While I have documented much of my life openly in my book, I finally came to the conclusion that I still had a terrible bondage that will continue to prevent me from receiving the ultimate benefits from a personal relationship with my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ – Unforgiveness!

Last evening, I found myself in an exchange with a former friend that was pure evil on my part. It was late into the night when I had something most people, including myself, find hard, if not impossible to believe occurred – God spoke to me!

It was far more frightening than anything I ever felt in the deepest of my past depressions, yet had a sense of motivation to amend my sinful nature that I could never begin to imagine on my own.

For over 20 years, two men have had more of my ear when it came how to live a Christian life than all others combined. They’re well-known Christian preacher Dr. Charles Stanley, and my best friend in the world – Bill Wegner, a full-time Catholic Lay Evangelist.  Now, I realize that my Protestant brethren are not accustomed to hearing “Catholic” and “evangelizing” in the same sentence. But, if Catholics are evangelizing, then the end of the world can’t be too far away.

Bill has been the most-prophetic person I know and if he’s done more on any single Christian topic in his decades of sharing the Gospel, it’s to speak about forgiveness. Dr. Charles Stanley is among a very few TV Evangelists who truly teach and preach not for financial gain, but for the gain of eternal souls.

I checked my email last night and found an email from someone I didn’t know and when I tried to email them back, it kept coming back saying “unknown sender”.

Here’s what the email contained – watch here (just 4 minutes).

I’ve spent the overnight and this morning (after tears of joy and praise to Almighty God) thinking of all I had some sort of unforgiveness and/or anger towards, and am reaching out to them, asking for forgiveness.

I know after 61 years of natural life, I’ve forgotten some so I pray God allows this open letter to the world to be my blanket apology.

Now, onto the first day of the rest of my life.

God Bless




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