Peter Grandich Releases 3rd Edition of Book

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Peter Grandich Releases 3rd Edition of Book

Confessions of a FORMER Wall Street Whiz Kid called “a remarkable memoir,”  “thought-provoking,” and “encouraging”.


November 2, 2015, WALL, NJ – Four years after its debut, market commentator Peter Grandich has released the third edition of his autobiography including updating the title to Confessions of a FORMER Wall Street Whiz Kid. Called “thought-provoking,” “entertaining” and “a remarkable memoir” by experts in the world of finance, the third edition is now available through

“As I wrote in the first chapter, I didn’t grow up in an educated family; my parents didn’t introduce me to Wall Street or investing at an early age; we didn’t even have much money. In essence, I am probably the most unlikely person to someday be called ‘The Wall Street Whiz Kid’,” says Grandich.

Yet, he got the title “Wall Street Whiz Kid” in 1987 on Good Morning America when the then-31-year-old Grandich, who never finished high school let alone any advanced degrees in finance or economics, accurately predicted the Black Monday market crash and the subsequent rally back to new, all-time highs. He went on to make numerous accurate forecasts, yet despite all of his accuracy and acclaim, Grandich made and lost millions of dollars…twice, and after more than 31 years in and around Wall Street, says nobody deserves to be called a wizard.

“Anyone who can make and lose millions more than once shouldn’t be called a Whiz Kid anymore,” he said.  “Since only God knows the future, I don’t want to be perceived as knowing anything for certain except death and taxes.”

In the newly-updated third edition, Grandich updates his thoughts on:

  • America’s financial future;
  • Wall Street practices he calls “legal theft”;
  • How and why traditional financial planning doesn’t work;
  • What he sees as the next great threat to the US – not terrorism or bio-warfare, but an economic time bomb of unprecedented proportion;
  • Why cash flow—not net worth—is king when it comes to saving for retirement.

In the updated chapter 16, Grandich writes, “True wealth management demands improving a client’s quality of life, and cash flow will determine that quality—not net worth.

The third edition includes four new chapters, including chapter 17 called, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Finance,” wherein Peter Grandich says, “Through my financial sinning, confession, contrition and penance, I have discovered that there are seven deadly sins on matters of finance—categories of vices into which most all of our financial wrongdoings fall—which, if eliminated, would render most of us a heck of a lot better off.”

In this intimate, witty and painfully honest real-life story, Grandich exposes some of the dirty business of Wall Street and takes readers on a journey through his battles against panic attacks, suicide attempts and depression.  He shares how through it all, his faith not only helped him regain the will to live, but acts as the foundation for his financial beliefs.

Confessions of a FORMER Wall Street Whiz Kid is just that: a complete divulgence of matters of life, health, wealth—and, of course, the ins and outs of Wall Street.  The book is filled with personal stories and a cast of characters from Peter’s life that include a number of professional athletes, actors and celebrities.

Endorsements and Reviews:

“Peter Grandich has combined faith, intellect, insight and many life experiences into Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid,” says the Honorable David M. Walker, Former U.S. Comptroller General. “This book is both an easy and entertaining read and very thought provoking.”

Guy Adami, CNBC-TV contributor said, “In the world of finance, where far too often people speak in platitudes, Peter Grandich delivers a concise, intelligent, and at time humorous look at the markets. Peter may ruffle a few feathers, but his expertise should not be ignored. I was a fan long before I was his friend, but I am happy to be both at this point in my life!”

And New York Post columnist John Crudele said of Confessions…, “There is nobody on Wall Street who is kinder than Peter.  Listen to him and enjoy his book.  Even when he is wrong (and everyone is at some time or another) you can be sure that Peter will give you honest advice.

“In Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid, Peter Grandich reveals his personal journey, not just from rags to riches but from material wealth to spiritual wealth. His insights into the flawed nature of financial planning and the false god of retirement are alone worth the cover price,” says Jonathan Chevreau, National Post columnist and author, Findependence Day.

Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid by Peter Grandich was written with Jo Schloeder. The foreword is by Bill Wegner, founder of Good News International Ministries. For more information, visit the book’s website at or click on this link to read the book.

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