Politics, Religion and Other Men’s Wives


I’ve noted over the years that my very first boss told me when I entered Wall Street back in the “Dinosaur Age” of 1984 that in order to be a successful stockbroker, never discuss three things:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Other Men’s Wives

Anyone who has read my writings (bad grammar included) or heard me speak, knows I never avoid the first two.

The Presidential race is upon us and for the first time since he entered the race, Donald Trump may have given a crack to his armor that his opponents have desperately try to cause without much success until now. His decision to pull out of a debate over the concerns of one of the moderators may come back to bite him.

Why? At the end of the day, a President has to be seen as tough and more than willing to do battle in all conditions and take on all comers (we seen the opposite with the current one in office). Trump’s reasoning to pull out of this debate could suggest to many he’s not going to be as tough when the tough get going as they may have thought before this decision.

Time will tell if he manages to shake off another potential blow or if this one has teeth.

Make no mistake about it, this race will impact markets going forward.