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G in NY Giants Lockerroom after Bible Study

Like far too many Christians, I violated our Lord’s desire to make Sunday a day of rest. I do however, try not to post work related topics on the blog.

We’ve seen a near doubling of regular visitors to our site. Many have come due to what has been happening in world financial markets of late.

Hoping my third and “Final” edition of my book is completed in a few weeks (and out before the holiday season), the very fact of a slight name change to it is part of the advice I’ve been giving to concern parties (and in all my public interviews and conversations of late).

While just one new word has been added to the title of the book, it truly has huge ramifications to myself and anyone who is seeking advice about future financial market movements (I suspect a few people are concern in that area –lol).

The new title is “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid”. Why “former” you ask? I don’t believe anyone who has made and lost millions more than once, should be allowed to be called a “Whiz Kid”; especially if people are going to consider him potentially to assist with matters of finance. It may come as a shock to some that someone actually losses money “investing” (as one could never tell that from all the financial services industry commercials and all the marketing material one receives from their financial advisor).

Call it “Catholic Guilt”, but I don’t wish anyone to think for even a moment that I know the future. If others wish to portray that impossibility in the media or to their clientele, that’s for them to do and answer to when we all stand naked and alone with our Creator.


I do think some of us are blessed with good educated “guessing” skills and I’m not ashamed to admit some of my guesses have been very good. However, enough egg on my face (versus on my plate) has given me enough sense to stop being viewed as a “soothsayer”. Besides, if you want false Gods, there’s plenty seen every day on the many financial networks (some are clowns beneath their clothing who ring bells and scream boo-yah).

Rest assured declaring this doesn’t greatly enhance my business. Much of society wants to believe someone or group can regularly predict market movements and therefore shall greatly profit from this “fantasy”. They want to believe these folks can turn a small fortune into a big one. For me and sadly for some followers over 3+ decades in and around Wall Street, I ended up assisting some people to end up with a million dollars; the problem was they started with two. I concluded the only two ways you can make a killing on Wall Street is”

1 – Cheat

2 – Shoot your adviser


Being brutality honest about matters of finance was not always the path I chose. There was a period when being a legend in my own mind, and turning the Ten Commandments into the ten suggestions, was a way of everyday life.

I do know now that the answers to all of life’s questions, especially those on matters of finance, are found only in one place – the Holy Bible. No amount of CNBC, FOX or any and all networks can remotely come close to providing all you need to know on how to handle your finances. You can take all the books ever written on how to make money, retire rich and all the other titles, and throw them in the garbage. None of those authors would guarantee with their life what they said is guarantee to work. The author of the Bible can and he “guaranteed” it with the life of his only son.

Yes, saying this has already sent many who may have otherwise became clients of mine, scurrying away from me as fast as possible. And yes, the first 11 out of 12 who decided to follow that son paid with their lives and therefore making the Bible your manual for life isn’t anything like simply buying low and selling high. But if it can take a wretch like me and finally allow real peace in my heart and a joy to speak on matters of finance (and not be first concern about what’s in it for me), then I “must” be bold in my support of it and to make it the one and only real financial recommendation I utter for the rest of my natural life.

I’ve written a booklet entitled “A Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance”. You can read it online here.


Peace Be With You this Sunday and Every Day!





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