Purpose and Possibilities

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”                             Howard Schultz


Through my book and public commentaries, I’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly of my business and personal life. I know it goes against what the financial services industry teaches its employees, but if anything is said about me, I know the least it shall be is Peter is “different” than the typical person found in the financial arena.

I also have made it known that a man named Frank Congilose is my financial mentor. He, along with some other people and God’s guiding light, has radically changed my business life the last couple of years.

As this next stage of my life takes hold now, I am now seeing almost daily, people, places and things (both new and old) become part of a common purpose that it took nearly three decades to accept and put fully into practice.

Back a decade or more, I was contacted by one of the most recognized and highly respected financial journalist in Canada. At the time, he was the “Personal Finance Columnist” for Canada’s equal to the Wall Street Journal. Unlike most financial journalists in North America, he was truly independent and not tied to the hip of the financial services industry. He was no fan (and rightly so) of much of the practices of the financial services industry and since I was making a living working as a consultant in the often “lost-cause” resources industry, I felt his contacting me couldn’t be for good reasons.

Much to my surprise, he felt what I had to say was worthy (proving again miracles happen all the time-lol). He would go on to interview me several times before he moved onto becoming the Managing Editor of Canada’s equal to “Money” magazine.

A few years ago, I was searching throughout Canada for someone who practiced the alternative to traditional financial planning Frank Congilose and our group here in the U.S. does. I happened to mention it to this gentleman and he would introduce me to Paul Philip of Toronto, Ontario. How God works, Paul was one of the very few Canadians who just happened to have been taught by the same man who taught Frank this process. I of course, began to refer Canadians to Paul.

And now with my total commitment to this process not even 1% of all the financial services people practice (and my bias opinion why most people never reach their financial goals but the person advising does) this gentleman has graciously come back into my life.

I’m speaking about Jonathan Chevreau. Here’s his website. He was kind enough to publish an interview I did with Paul Philip here.

I like to encourage you to learn about Jonathan and to purchase his book (there’s an American and Canadian edition).

I don’t know what God’s plan is for Jonathan and I if any, but I do know like John Crudele, the financial world desperately needs his voice and it is a must one to listen to for serious-minded investors and people seeking very worthy analogies on matters of finance.