Save More, Less Risk, Improved Lifestyle

Posted by on November 13, 2017 - 8:35 am

Here are just two of literally hundreds of articles describing how poorly typical American families are doing financially despite the greatest financial bull markets in history.

IMHO, the vast majority of Americans greatly underperform when it comes to savings and investing because the typical financial planning process used by most in the financial services industry is badly flawed and the advisor is not willing to tell their clientele the reality of their personal finances.  It’s truly sad since there is a process that can help most to save more, with less risk, while improving their lifestyle over time. You may ask, why don’t most use it? Because it not only take twice to three times longer to get the client through the process (and that means less time to capture new clients and assets) but once completed, there’s rarely a need to change plans, products and the like (no further major income to the salesperson).

But clients who have gone through our process know that, and now greatly appreciate my “Seven Deadly Sins of Finance”.

I lost enough of my own and clients monies over 30+ years to call my self an “expert” now on how to save more, with less risk, and improved lifestyle.

Have a most blessed week.

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