Self Assessment

Spent it on all the best investment advisors money can buy
Spent it on all the best investment advisers money can buy


These are the questions I ask potential clients to ask themselves before deciding if they need my assistance:

  • I have emergency funds equal to 6 months income.
  • I save 15% or more of my gross income on an annual basis
  • I have eliminated all consumer debt
  • I have adequate property and casualty insurance
  • I am comfortable with the current amount of taxes I am paying
  • My estate plan is current and documented for both state and federal tax efficiency
  • My life insurance and disability is for full replacement value of my income
  • I have adequate retirement savings to provide a guaranteed secure retirement income
  • I have a written investment policy statement that is aligned with my objectives and risk tolerance.
  • My current investment allocations are based upon the efficient frontier philosophy and methodology
  • I know the amount of internal and external fees in my investment holdings
  • I am happy with my overall investment performance and returns


12 out of 12 = Excellent! Stay the course

11 out of 12 = Very good! Update where needed

10 out of 12 = Good. Time for a review and update

9 out of 12 (or less) May be time to chat with Peter Grandich