Spring Lake Office Update


Thanks to a gracious landlord, we gained control of our office space just after New Year’s Day (versus February 1st). We’re currently figuring out how we want to build it and hope to get started on it ASAP.

We’re already in the “Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce” and after I was just raising my hand to stretch, discovered I “volunteered” to be “Membership Chairman”.

We like to thank Chamber President George D’Amico and Richard Clayton from the town’s “Business Improvement District”, for being a tremendous help in this dream of mine coming true.

We’ve committed to the Chamber not only to once again provide celebrities for their Irish (May 21st, boxing great Gerry Cooney and NJ Devils Stanley Cup Champion Jim Dowd will wear their Irish heritage proud by being Trinity’s guest celebrities) and Italian (October 1st) festivals, but will arrange other celebrities to partake in other town events throughout the year (Some of our own events from 2015 here).

In addition, we’re going to set up a table of sports memorabilia (from our professional athlete clients, board members and friends) in our office, and offer it out for sale; with 100% of the proceeds going to a designated local charity on a rotating basis.

But perhaps the most exciting factor is the expectation (just working out the final details) that my good friend Tony Novo, President and GM of the “Sky Blue” Women’s Professional Soccer Team, shall make our office an extension of their team operation. It’s our intention to not only incorporate Trinity and Sky Blue into the soccer community on the Jersey Shore, but into the Spring Lake Chamber and events in town. Sky Blue is led by Jersey Shore fan favorite Christie Rampone, Kelly O’Hara and four new players, plus a new coach who built roots in our local community.

Our address is 219B Morris Ave (but not mailing address at this time), which is just east of the intersection of Third and Morris.


We’re encourage all to visit Spring Lake and us this year!

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