“Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better.” – Unknow

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Earlier today, this event unfolded just down the road from my office.

“It had special meaning for me because not too far from where this occurred, I, myself, came very close to a similar situation which could have had a far worse ending:

At one point, I went to the beach near my home and walked across the bridge spanning the inlet. The fishing boats chugged out to sea beneath me as the waves crashed against the rocks. The air was still. For a moment, I contemplated jumping. That would solve everything, I thought. Mary would get the insurance money while she was still young and beautiful and able to remarry, and I would be out of my misery.

I peered over the edge at the rocks below. It was low tide and I could see the green algae and barnacles on the rocks. They looked slimy. The air at low tide smelled like bait left in the sun too long. I thought again about jumping, then realized that the bridge probably wasn’t high enough. With my luck, I thought, I’d end up crippled for life, not dead. What a loser, I couldn’t even kill myself.

At that precise moment a gust of wind came off the ocean and physically pushed me back away from the edge. It came from nowhere, or maybe it came from heaven. On this totally calm day I was almost knocked over by this gust of Godly air.

A sense of urgency came over me, and I hurried back to my car”.

 The above is from my book, “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid”, Chapter 5, Page 53

As I shared in my book, severe depression and a lost will to live, is part of my history. Sadly, tens of millions of Americans battle different degrees of depression and far too many come close to the line of death that I did not once, but twice.  Worse of all, some go over the line.

Many people who are deeply depressed have difficulty realizing that their life will eventually get better. If you commit suicide, you eliminate all hope for the future and you eliminate the chance to find enjoyment in life.

Please!!! If anyone reading this is very depressed or worse, email me ASAP and also visit right now http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

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