Sunday Thought


I met Dan Duddy this past Friday for the first time. We met regarding both our work in sports ministries and to discuss how we may do so together going forward.

I had known of Coach Duddy for years and knew his family suffered a real tragedy not too long ago when one of his son’s was killed in a one-car accident driven by his best friend. All too often we hear these reports in the media, take a moment to feel sorrow, but then get caught up in the world trappings and never begin to know the true state of that one incident.

After meeting with Dan, I googled his name and among the many articles about his coaching and work in the community, were several articles about this tragic event.

It’s when I read this article, and saw the video of both the young man charged with the death of his son, and both Dan’s and one of his son’s words expressed in court, did I come to fully appreciate God putting Dan in my life. I urge you to take time to watch this video and see real sorrow for a poor choice of action and true forgiveness that Jesus and his Apostles teach us in the manual of life – the Holy Bible.

I pray for all those (and especially me) who need to both give and receive forgiveness.