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Posted by on September 18, 2016 - 7:27 am

Please allow me to start with the “last” part of this message:

Super Bowl XLII hero, NY Giants David Tyree, will be our special guest celebrity at “Big Blue Day” in Spring Lake on Sunday, October 30th from 2PM to 4PM


My eyes and ears first came upon David Tyree at a NY Giants Bible study. Soon after, I would have him, and teammate Reggie Torbor, down to my office for an appearance (about 10 years ago and 25lbs lighter for the “non-athlete” in the middle).


By this time, David was being noted for his excellent special team play. But when it came to special, we all “truly” hadn’t seen anything yet.

Much of the entire world population would see and hear what is now known as the greatest single play in Super Bowl history (if not all of sports). While the secular story of what all took place leading up to it was told well by Spike Lee, I had the privilege and the honor to know the story behind the story, which Dave shared a good part of in his book and many interviews since that “famous” night on the world stage.


But as great as that moment is to many, the story Dave told here, is what I hope you take a few minutes to hear; because if it’s not you, someone you know (or will know), will benefit greatly from hearing it.

Among his blessings is seven best-behaved kids (they behave not by fear, but God’s love) and an absolute beautiful wife – who “home school’s” their children (she doesn’t get a break putting them on a bus to school).


One of the many joys of having Dave appear in public is to hear fans tell them where they were and what was happening when he and Eli got together for the single greatest sports play – period.

If the NY Giants had their own stadium, there sure be a “Rocky” type statue outside of “The Catch”. Because I know Dave “before” and after”, let me tell you this is one man who took 14 minutes and 59 seconds of his “15 minutes” of fame, and has used it for his “Lord & Savior Jesus Christ’s” glory, not his own.

See top of this writing for the ending.

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