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Posted by on November 20, 2016 - 9:56 am

Having suffered high anxiety, panic attacks and debilitating depression since childhood, I can truly understand how many people reading this are either going through a period of serious adversity, or know someone they care for who is. They too are stricken by anxiety and depression.

In my life, two men have taught me more how I should (If only I listened all or most of the time) live my life as a true Christian more than anyone else (doesn’t mean others haven’t greatly contributed). One is my dearest friend, Bill Wegner, who over 20 years ago became an oxymoron to my Protestant brethren when he came a full-time, Catholic, Lay-Evangelist (my joke to my Protestant brothers in Christ is always the same – if the Catholics are evangelizing, the end of the world can’t be too far away!).

The other gentleman is Pastor Charles Stanley. In an era where “Christian Prosperity” preachers have filled the airwaves, Charles Stanley has stood tall and remained focused solely on teachings for us, not his own pocket.

Beginning this week, the world will go into a “holiday atmosphere” for about six weeks, culminating in a midnight hour where we make all sorts of resolutions that eventually fail for the most part. During this period, those who are struggling with all sorts of serious issues can find their anxiety and depression magnified to a point where even a thought of ending it all, is even for a moment considered. Trust me, I’ve been there!

As he always does, Pastor Charles Stanley speaks the word of God in a way we can all not only grasp, but begin to take hold of and with prayers to the Holy Spirit, turn words into deeds.

Please watch here

And know I pray for you too and ask you do the same for me.

God bless,


“You are my God, I give you thanks; my God, I offer you praise. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, his mercy endures forever.” Psalms 118:28-29


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