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For as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve tried to limit any posts made on a Sunday to be non-business related. Today is no exception.

This past week, I had a true blessing to spend time listening to one of my best friends, who has been there for me through “thick and thin”. He honored me by writing the “Foreward” for my book, and no one knows my life’s trials and tribulations better than him

I’m speaking of Bill Wegner, who for 20+ years, has been a full-time Catholic Lay-Evangelists. To some, Catholic and evangelizing in the same sentence is an Oxymoron. I half-joke when I say, “if Catholics are evangelizing, the end of the world can’t be too far away.”

Bill held a mission locally and once again I was able to soak in who I believe is a modern-day prophet. No, he doesn’t have 20,000 listening to him spew Christian prosperity propaganda like Joel Osteen. I suspect he has similar size crowds to prophets from when before Jesus was born. But I’ve no doubt what he shares is God-inspired and so badly needed in the Catholic Church today (where in our local Diocese, our Bishop just noted less than 20% of Catholics are attending church).

Here’s a video of a recent mission of Bill’s and it has one of my favorite talks of his.

All Christians are urged to find time to watch it and I know those with aching hearts will especially be uplifted by the truths and realities Bill so colorfully molds into simple jargon we can all understand and appreciate.

You can learn more about Bill and his upcoming missions all around the U.S., at his website.

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