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Posted by on November 12, 2017 - 2:35 am

While I’ve greatly improved on many fronts from my days of turning the Ten Commandments into the Ten Suggestions, one area of my Christian walk that I’ve tried especially hard to do better in is forgiveness.

The good news is I’ve come a long way. The bad news is I still have ways to go.

What I can tell you is without true forgiveness for all, our walk with Christ will never turn into a sprint of pure love, peace, and eternal bliss.

I truly believe forgiveness for others and especially yourself, is the key to whatever mentally (and many times physically) ails you.

Read here about 9 myths about forgiveness that fool the best Christians.

Please take the time to read this story and watch the video. It’s about a friend of mine, Dan Duddy, who committed the single-best act of forgiveness I ever witnessed (a wonderful interview with Dan here).

Dan and I both serve on the “Catholic Athletes For Christ” national board. He’s an inspiration to me and so many others and now is leading a special part of CAC for our youth.

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