Sunday Thought

Between watching TV, looking at the computer and looking out the window, I found myself spending far too much time focused on the weather yesterday when my time could’ve been put to much better use. Thankfully before I turned in for the night, God placed on my heart a personal battle that still burns in my soul.

Below I share my prayer to Him in hopes it helps not only me, but all others who do battle with one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins:

Dear God,

I continue to contemplate the virtue of humility. I know I’m not humble enough and still struggle with pride. I ask that you would refine my heart. If there is pride in my heart may you strip it from me. I desire to live a life of humility, celebrating you and celebrating others. Help me to think of myself less and of my family, friends and all humans more. I pray humility is not something I have to manufacture or wonder about. I pray my heart is lead by it because of you in Jesus’ name AMEN!