Sunday Thought – Another Lesson Learned

Posted by on March 26, 2017 - 9:31 am

I’ve tried to make any blog postings on a Sunday, restricted to “spiritual” content.

So how’s a story about my dear friend, Gerry Cooney, fit that criteria?

For starters, we were blessed to have Gerry visit us just two Sunday’s ago here in Spring Lake (see video here).

I’ve spoken often about the uniqueness of Gerry (as he relates to the public) and shared my belief countless times that you could put him in a room with two group that  haven’t spoken to each other for years, and when you came back later, they all would be carrying Gerry around the room, singing he’s a jolly good fellow!

Not qualified to be spiritual yet?

The newspaper Gerry is featured in today, “The Asbury Park Press” was once a favorite of mine. In fact, back in the day when Robert Hordt was its Business Editor, I was often quoted and even advertised in the paper (to be fair, what’s left of the Business section of the paper, has still covered me at times, and I am grateful for that). Unfortunately, the paper as a whole, has made a very hard “left” politically, and to the point where I only read it on Sunday (and that’s mainly so my wife can see all the advertisements, coupons, etc).

Pete, spiritual, Sunday, hello?

The Book of James has become the let’s get to the heart of the matter word of God for me. Just last evening, I told my wife all the media outlets I wasn’t going to listen to because they were IMHO, “ungodly”. Among them, was the Asbury Park Press! However, also last night, while reading the Book of James, I came across this in Chapter 1, Verse 19

“Know this, my dear brothers; everyone should be quick to hear, – slow to speak, slow to wrath.”

So when I went to pick up the paper outside my home this morning, I said I would continue to read it despite my growing dislike for much of its content.

And what do you know? There on the front cover, is Gerry Cooney. And what do you know? The article is written by the one sports columnist I continue to enjoy reading (and who loves Monmouth Park like I do). And he does an absolute fantastic column on Gerry (Please read article here).

Sunday lessons aren’t always in Church.

Have a most blessed Sunday everyone

G and Gerry in Trinity office March 12, 2017

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