Sunday Thought – Grandich, The Hypocrite Christian


I went to Mass this morning after spending the last 36 hours wanting to see physical retribution on Islamic Terrorists and believing my country and I would be better off without any believers in Islam.

Mass can come “routine” at times for me and a sense of going through the motions can take hold.

But when we came to the “Our Father”, I suddenly was emotionally swept up by a feeling of hypocrisy on my part (and likely not alone among other parishioners).

Would my Lord and Savior be advocating to “bomb the crap out of them” like I felt before entering Church? Would Jesus called for “getting rid” of anyone from the U.S. who conforms to Islam as I felt (here too not alone) would make America safer?

I don’t know about anybody who left Church with me, but I had a sense like St. Peter must have after denying Jesus three times. Unfortunately for me, my total denials have had many more zeroes added to the three over my lifetime.

The Sermon on the Mount was IMHO the blueprint Jesus gave for us to live our lives by. I obviously have my own set of blueprints – which can never hold my Christian heart in place for too long.