Take The Rest of The Year Off


Need I remind anyone but those absolutely new to my blog that yours truly has been out of the prediction racket for quite a while now?

With that in mind, I will give some “generalities” from my private investor point of view, knowing it will still cost you full price for a cup of coffee despite having read this.

Good News and Bad News – The good is, I believe Obama had taken America to the edge of the abyss and Clinton would’ve surely pushed us in. That’s the good news. The bad news is, some folks are already pricing in Trump fixing most, if not all, the dire situations we face today. Trust me, I hope he can. But while hope is a wonderful “spiritual” strategy, it’s a “horrible” investment one.

The Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day period tends to be a seasonally favorable time for most financial markets. There’s the “fable” Christmas rally and Bah-Humbug to anyone who speaks ill during this timeframe.

Entering my 33rd year in and around the financial markets (My God, that’s a third of a century!), I’ve learned many things (often the hard way); and while I would love to grab the pom-poms, cheer and believe Trump will be the answer to all our prayers, something tells me not to buy into an old line – this time it’s different.

Therefore, I’m personally leaving things pretty well alone the way I had them before the election. I will however, spend some serious time during the period of “good cheer”, trying to see if my approach to the financial markets needs anything more than a tweak here or there. I will let you know the minute I know.

For now, let’s try to feel like this video makes us not just for the holidays, but all year long.