The End of An “Error”

Posted by on January 20, 2017 - 7:39 am

  • Eight years ago, I wrote a piece in my then “Grandich Letter”, predicting Obama would end up the worst President ever. I received a lot of flak from all around the world. Fast-forward 8 years, and little or no “rebukes” occurred after repeating that statement. This article (and the links included at the end of it) fully support my belief. While I’m no Trump “groupie”, I’m truly grateful in a few hours the Obama nightmare loses power (but many of his actions will continue to have dire consequences for years to come).

  • One of a tremendous long list of bad things historians will look back at and see Obama directly, or indirectly responsible for, was his “protection” for what if ever was fully uncovered, would surely be the biggest political money scam in man’s history – the Clinton Foundation. It’s now ending its “operations”. Like the 2008 worldwide financial mortgage scandal, don’t hold your breath waiting for criminal convictions of anyone significant (but take strength in knowing we all must stand eventually in front of the ultimate Judge).
  • As noted in my New Year’s commentary, the stock market is more overvalued now than just about any other time in history. In case you’re wondering how I’m personally approaching the financial markets, here’s where I watch them from:

  • I continue to believe one of the key stories for 2017 and beyond, is the beginning of the end of the European Union. Trust me, when the giant mouthpieces of Wall Street are even speaking of it, watch out below.
  • Once again, I see more and more proof active money management is not the answer for most.
  • Call it old habits, but physical gold’s allure appears to be a better choice than financial assets for me. The anti-gold paper crowd still throws their weight around; but I agree with this article that physical demand will overcome them in the end (I just have to hope I live long enough to see it -lol).
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