The Irish Did What Most Others Can’t Bring Themselves To Do

eter and Mary Grandich married in Rath, County Offaly, Ireland April 20, 1981

I’ve stated that both the good people of Ireland and Iceland had made the very hard, but correct choice of going through a difficult period of austerity versus countries like Greece and many others throughout Europe and the rest of the world, who lived way beyond their means but don’t want to pay for those sins in any way that disrupts the lifestyle they grown accustomed to.

Iceland has already seen their tough period put behind them and now it’s apparent the Emerald isle is witnessing the same. Both countries are the model most of the world will eventually need to come to grips with but I suspect most will find it all but impossible to do so. It’s why I’ve such a negative outlook for world economic growth for as far as the eye can see.

P.S. Having been married in Ireland, visited there many times and knowing what makes up the souls of most Irish people, they should be allowed to personally serve Krugman his most deserving crow. Krugman will be also eating crow too on his U.S. perspectives before too long.