The Peter Grandich & Company NFL Survival Pool Invitational

Posted by on August 28, 2016 - 7:10 am


You’re invited to participate in the inaugural “Peter Grandich NFL Survival Pool Invitational”.

The winner shall receive $1,000 in cash, sports memorabilia worth over $1,000, and the “I Won The Peter Grandich & Company NFL Survival Pool Invitational Trophy” (priceless!).

Its very simple to participate and is run by an online provider

Just send me your full name, State you live in,  and email address, no later than September 3rd and we’ll send you very simple instructions how to play. There’s no cost to you and all participants shall see the pool, the picks (after games start) and the results of all participants. The online provider does it all (we pay them a fee to administrate everything.)

The concept of a NFL Survivor Pool (also known as a Elimination, Knockout or Suicide Pools) is an easy one, simply survive from one week to the next by successfully surviving the week by having the team you select win. You can’t use the same team twice during the season.

This “Invitational” is limited to only residents of the United States.

So send me your email with info requested ASAP and the fun starts September 8th!

eter standing outside NY Giants locker room.

Please Note – Entries will be limited to friends, clients and “invited” players by Peter Grandich

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