The Single Best Message I Ever Heard

Posted by on June 27, 2015 - 7:20 am


Because I don’t believe there shall be denomination tags in Heaven, I don’t concern myself with those who claim “Christianity” as their faith but constantly bicker about other Christian groups. So my eyes and ears are always open to hear what Christians in general are saying and doing.

For a couple of years now, my wife and I have purposely greatly reduced how much television news we watch. We found most of it depressing and quite frankly, became so desensitize to it that we ate our meals without missing a beat while reports of murder, theft and evil, was spoken about during the newscast.

In its place, I found myself absorbing far more Christian channels. THANK GOD I DID!

This past week, I watched what has clearly become the most important single message for me in years – if not in my entire Christian life! It spoke to me like no other message ever heard in Church or anywhere else. People say God spoke to them. Well I now believe I can say it too.

I invite you to watch this video and listen to the entire message. I only hope it positively impacts you as it overwhelmed me and corrected the course I’ve been on. Hit this link and then scroll down to video 656 Who’s The Boss

God Bless!



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