The Single Best Message I Ever Seen/Sent

Posted by on June 4, 2016 - 7:57 am

To All Who Received This From Me –  I won’t be offended and will understand that after watching this short video, you ask me not to send you emails, remove yourself from our blog mailing lists, unfriend me on Facebook and hope never to hear from me again. I’m more than willing to risk that from many if it means just one person embraces the message and stops allowing the little red part of the rope to control their natural life… LIKE I ONCE DID!

Ironically, what Francis addresses in the video about a tiny part of the red piece when it comes to retirement planning, is what I embraced in the alternative to traditional financial planning I adopted several years ago (those who have gone through the process with my partner David Suckey will truly appreciate this as it relates to their personal financial planning).

I prayed before posting and distributing this that someone’s natural and eternal life is changed for the better after watching this short video here

Have a most blessed weekend!



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