The Wagon Pullers Spoke Last Night

Operating on just a couple hours of sleep, and setting a record with my TV remote while moving from on my knees, to jumping in the air, I will offer a very brief commentary today.

If you’ve been reading this blog for at least a couple of years, you’ve seen me use this video more than just about any other. It’s been my opinion that the speaker in the video had blended a series of complicated economic, social and political issues, into one simple, yet highly accurate analogy of what we were (and still are) facing in America. I believe for at least this Presidential election, the wagon pullers won by betting on Trump.

Only time will tell if Trump is truly a new “Wagon Master”, or just delayed the inevitable overload of riders versus pullers.

As noted in recent commentaries, I anticipated a holiday and political honeymoon atmosphere to engulf the financial markets from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, no matter who won the election. I suggested not to make any rash decisions on matters of finance.

I will make my thoughts known for the balance of the year and hope to have a one-day conference locally in January (details to follow)

God Bless,