Think Before Moving Into Retirement Community

Posted by on February 19, 2015 - 6:42 pm

Back in 2009, my wife and I had to assume responsibility for the care of my then 88 year-old mother.

I looked at a retirement community not considering our retirement needs, but the fact they were really the only place where one could buy a modern home with bedrooms on the first floor.

Within two years, my mom needed assistant living (and now sadly is in nursing home with dementia).

During the nearly six years here, I realized I might have had second thoughts of moving here if it was just for my wife and my needs and desires.

I watched one resident battled the Board over the style of a door. I was told the lettering on my mailbox was not up to standards when I assure you, no one with the same exact mailbox not in a community like this would’ve felt their mailbox needed fixing.

Yes, there are some positives like mostly peaceful (no kids).

Here’s 5 worthy thoughts to consider before leaping like I did.

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