Time To Say Good-Bye

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I was a die-hard NY Jets fan when I first met former NY Giants Running Back Lee Rouson in the early days of the new millennium. When he said, “God wants us to open a Christian-based financial services firm to assist professional athletes” my response was, “God couldn’t possibly want me to help you, Lee, as I used to root for you to drop the ball and die!”

Little did I know at the time that co-founding Trinity with a two-time Super Bowl Champion former NY Giant would be just the first step in a “Sports Conversion.” Soon after, another former NY Giants RB, Keith Elias, would not only come into my life but would introduce me to a man who would lead me to “Big Blue” (and love it) while demonstrating to me what being a Christian man truly is.  That man is George McGovern.

George was (and still is) the Chaplin for the NY Giants and NY Yankees.

Before long, George had me partaking in Bible study and chapel with both teams. I enjoyed the fruits of winning Super Bowls and World Series, and several players became friends and clients. I stood in front of them at Chapel and said to myself, “That’s Eli Manning, Justin Tuck…” and so many other greats whom Almighty God blessed with talents that 99.9999999% of other men like me can only dream about from the seats in a stadium or in front of the TV.

It was a tremendous gift and blessing whose time has run its course.

Time To Say Good-Bye!

They say “all good things come to an end.”  A new young man is slated to become the Chaplin for the Giants in 2016. This “older” man steps aside in awesome gratefulness for 13 years and so many unforgettable experiences.  May God bless George, the new Chaplin, the NY Yankees organization and the greatest organization in all of sports – the NY Giants.

Peace Be With You All!


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