Tucked Away In Many Hearts

Posted by on February 3, 2016 - 7:56 am

As previously noted, I completed 13 years working with Chaplin George McGovern of Athletes in Action, providing bible study and chapel services to players and coaches of the NY Giants.

There are so many fond memories, but one in particular stands out above all others.

Back in 2010, I was on the Board of Directors of The Ashley Lauren Foundation. Our founder Monica, told me about a young teenager named Evan; who was battling cancer and was a huge Justin Tuck fan. I went to George McGovern and asked if Justin would pay a visit to Evan’s house.

PG, Justin and George in Evan’s home

Justin, George and I end up doing so. Almost immediately, the visit took on something far more than just a wonderful gesture from an NFL player on his one day off. Spending an hour or so with a very ill young man became so much more.

The story ends up being documented by ESPN.

It was then that Justin Tuck, a man I would sit next to in bible study and read at Chapel when I spoke; would become my favorite NY Giants player (a feat I suspect was among many NY Giants fans).

I, along with many, many fans and admirers, pray the good Lord will continue to bless this gentleman among Giants.

God Bless you Tuck!

y favorite players locker, a place I was honored to pause at after bible study.

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