Two Down, One To Go

Posted by on December 6, 2017 - 9:16 am

It is been my belief that America has entered its worst-ever social, political and economic era.

There’s no doubt the social and political part is fully engaged.

Thanks to a horrific monetary policy and what will go down as the greatest financial bubble of all-time, the economic piece has been late arriving. But make no mistake about it, the delay only made the price to pay for it that much bigger and longer in duration.

I don’t sell or profit from peddling “dire” outlooks. Trust me, it would be far more beneficial for me to toe the line most do in the financial services industry – “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Having entered the twilight of my business career, and having fallen deeply in love with the word of Almighty God, I’ve given up worldly rewards in exchange for the peace of mind I’m sharing honest views from over 33 years experience in, and around, the financial arena.

In a few weeks, you will see our new website and exactly how deeply I’ve embraced my Christian faith in all areas of my life. I know in this day and age, it will greatly shrink my listening audience.

But for those who do find it worthy, both they and I will have all that we need to get through the great challenges ahead for this once great country of ours.

Have a most blessed day.


P.S. While our office will be closed from December 16th until January 2nd, I’m available as always. Email me at In the meantime, I return to my best investment:

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