Two, One of a Kind Sports Memorabilia Pieces

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Here’s the story.

One of first people to help me when I started Trinity in 2001 came to visit me last week and gave me two, one of a kind sports memorabilia pieces. I in turn, want to sell them and give the sale proceeds to the Christian sports ministries we’re raising funds for this Saturday.

Here’s photos of both pieces (First is Bill Parcells signed by him. Second is Joe Namath and Weeb Ewbank, signed by Joe Namath):

Both are in their original wrappings, sealed and say the following on the Certificate of Authenticity:

“This painting is an one-of-a-kind work of art by Gary Longordo (please visit his website). It was created using the finest pigments and media and is guaranteed not to fade or crack. The image is an original illustration and remains the sole property of the artist. It may not be reproduced in any form without proper consent. This painting has been autographed by the person mentioned and is guaranteed to be authentic.” Size is 15″ x 20″

The Parcells pieces has a price on it of $1,600. The Namath $750

I’ve no idea whats reasonable but I’m going to start a bidding process of $500 for both and if anyone offers $1,000 for both, they will be sold to that person. The buyer can make the check out to the charities for the purchase price or send me check or pay cash to me. I will except bids until 8PM Friday night.

Please email me your bid at

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