Update and Info On My Two Equity Holdings

Posted by on September 15, 2017 - 9:57 am

Believe it or not, we’ve finally begun work on our new websites. As previously noted, we will have a new website/blog just for my “secular” views on financial markets and economic matters. The Peter Grandich and Company website will be redone and have all other matters not related to what I just mentioned, and be solidly built and operated on Christian principles.  Please note the financial markets blog will require an access code that will be provided to clients and selected individuals. We will, for a short period, provide complimentary access to others.

I currently own only two individual stocks:

Nevsun Resources (NSU $2.13) – I believe while there will remain lingering negative effects from a series of mismanaged steps by previous company executives, I do think the market is starting to come around to the great potential the new sheriff (CEO) in town brings to NSU. These two reports suggest the investment community is beginning to see that too. Tax-loss selling will cap any dramatic rebound for the balance of 2017 but I think even that will wane long before December 31st. Dare I say if one is a speculator (gambler) and prepared not only to lose part or all their capital (as well as their sanity), the stock now has great appeal for dice shooters.

Teranga Gold (TGCDF $2.55) – I’ve ragged on the CEO for months now but after listening yesterday to the best presentation the company has made since I became a shareholder, I think they’ve learned not to shoot themselves in the foot anymore on the IR (Investor Relations) side of things (They have done a great job all along on the business at hand).

Yesterday’s workshop painted the success that the company has had in a much better light and hopefully will be the start of a “higher road” when it comes to promoting the company’s truly great growth story. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe the share price should be at least $1 – $2 higher than it currently is. Unless gold turns south or something unforeseen occurs, I suspect we will see that increase and more as we get into 2018 and beyond.

You can access that workshop here


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