Violating Rule #1

Posted by on May 18, 2016 - 8:01 am

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I’ve often told the story what my very first sales manager said to me in my first year as a stockbroker back in 1984. He stated:

“Peter, if you want to be successful, don’t discuss three things with clients or prospects:

1 – Politics

2 – Religion

3 – Other men’s wives”

While #3 was in jest, #1 and #2 weren’t. Anyone who has read my writings or heard my hundreds of interviews, knows I long ago violated #1 and #2 over and over again.

During this presidential race, I’ve pretty much honored my old sales manager other than to note the race itself is going to be a major impact on the financial markets. This is critical because I’ve been calling for America’s worst-ever period of social, political and economic upheaval.

I’m going to violate #1 now, knowing some readers and clients shall both disagree and turn sour on any further “enlightenments” of mine.

My personal opinion of the presidential race is, none of the three remaining candidates fit my bill for President. However, two of them I could live with despite clearly being in major disagreement with just about every social and economic ideas of one of them.

While in near total disagreement with all his stated social and political policies, I believe Bernie Sanders in a decent man and has not sold his soul to the Devil like most career politicians end up doing. While I believe his policies will hurt the America I envision, he’s in no way a bad man personally and would only wish him well despite our differences.

Obviously Donald Trump is by far the closes to my heart in terms of favoring more of his ideas on social and political matters, although here too, I disagree at times and clearly am not a fan of his personality and that all life is centered all around him. But like Bernie, I would learn to live with him.

Exit Stage Left- Snagglepuss

Now here’s the part where some readers and clients, exit- stage left!

On the assumption people here believe I in some way can help them improve their finances, let me just say in my 32+ years in and around the financial world, no two human beings have ever mastered how to make tons of money fast and furious than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Forget the countless different scandals throughout their careers for a moment, and just learn to appreciate how “broke” they were after Bill’s presidency ended and where they stand today. No two former broke-sters have done it better than these two and the ultimate cash prize-another presidency, is within their reach.

Now I’m done other than to say if you want to truly hear about how to go from flat-broke to worth hundreds of millions, I strongly recommend this book and upcoming movie. Nobody in my 32 years around an industry that’s supposed to improve people’s finances, has done it quite like the Clinton’s.

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