Why Peter Grandich and Company?

Why Peter Grandich & Co? Because you don’t know where the road may lead. Consider us your financial GPS.

The professionals at Grandich & Company have been providing internationally-acclaimed guidance on matters of finance since 1984. We make it our responsibility to help ensure you that your finances reach their full potential, and we accomplish this by offering unmatched experience and world-class service. Our team of trusted professionals has well over a century’s experience and expertise, and they are second to none.

“In the world of finance, where far too often people speak in platitudes, Peter Grandich delivers a concise, intelligent, and at times humorous look at the markets. Peter may ruffle a few feathers, but his expertise should not be ignored.” -Guy Adami, CNBC-TV Contributor

“There is nobody on Wall Street who is kinder than Peter. Listen to him and enjoy his book. Even when he is wrong (and everyone is at some time or another), you can be sure that Peter will give you honest advice.” -John Crudele, Columnist for the New York Post

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